Top 5 Trout Lures for Trolling Small Lakes

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Top 5 Trout Lures for Trolling Small Lakes

If you have read much of what I have written about Trout fishing, you know that I like to troll the lowland lakes for trout. Many fishermen are content sitting on the bank waiting for the Trout to swim by, but trolling the lowland lakes has always been more productive for me. If you are going to get out on the water and try and bring home some trout, here are my Top 5 Trout Lures when trolling lowland lakes.

Favorite Trout Lure #5 – Fat Spoons

Most of the lowland lakes are pretty stained, so fish have to rely on smell or vibration to find your lure. Wide spoons create more ‘thump’ in the water and can pull fish from a longer distance, and can be trolled extra slow.

Favorite Trout Lure #4 – Rooster Tail

Always a go-to lure, Rooster Tail spinners can sometimes produce when other lures are not pulling strikes. Colors for me are white or black with at least a little red. Again, the stained water you are fishing is going to limit the colors the fish can see until the last second, so contrasts are important!

Favorite Trout Lure #3 – Panther Martin Spinner

I know it is probably redundant to go with a spinner again in the #3 spot for favorite trout lures, but Panther Martin lures produce. My guess is that the french style spinner gives a slightly different vibration that those trout love.

Favorite Trout Lure #2 – Wedding Rings

This is Thomas’ go to lure when we are on lakes. Typically we stick with green or red and don’t need to get fancy. A wedding ring with some worm on the hook may not knock the fish out of the park, but will almost always produce at least a few fish.

#1 Favorite Trout Lure for Trolling Lowland Lakes – Jointed Fire Tiger Rapala

This is absolutely my #1, tie it on first, lure when I hit the water. Typically I tie on a small FireTiger Pattern Rapala using a jig loop knot as we are pulling away from the launch. It is quick and easy to get in the water, and in the early morning light, it almost always pick up one or two trout on it immediately.

There are my top 5 choices for trout lures when I am trolling lowland lakes. Give any of these lures a try when you are out fishing little lakes like Ballinger Lake in Snohomish County, WA and I am sure you will see more Trout in the bucket at the end of the day.

Source by Chris Cliff

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