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Hunting GPS Systems – Never Again Get Lost In The Woods

Today, there are GPS devices for almost every outdoor activity, no matter if it is biking, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting or even fishing. Most of those handheld GPS units catch signals from more than 10 satellites that calculate your position. Most of those devices have integarted calendars that can help you determine the best time to go fishing or hunting. Many weight under 10 ounces so you don’t even notice their weight, however they have a lot of features. You can store up to 50 retraceable paths and 2000 waypoints with graphics and names that you can navigate to later.There is a trip computer that records sunrise and sunset, covered distance, speed and many other things.
If you are a hunter you will be secure with a handheld GPS unit while wondering through the woods. The main reason for that is that if you are a hunter you don’t have to worry about your location all the time, with a hiking GPS unit you will be able to find your way back easily.You just have to mark your waypoints, and then set the GPS unit to turn around, and just follow the arrows on the screen that will take you safely to your starting point.
If you take hunting dogs with you, you might consider a handheld GPS unit with multiple recievers for your dogs too.You attach a GPS tracking unit to each of your dogs and then you can track there whereabouts with your GPS handheld unit.The dogs are usually tracked on two different screens.The first screen is a compass showing you the direction in which each dog is going, showing each dog’s path in different colors. Another screen is showing you each dog’s info individually, position, speed, average distance and how much battery their GPS tracking unit has left.There is a dog screen for each dog you have, it even shows if one or more are back at the camp in their crates, not just out in the field.
For many of the hunting GPS units there are additional topo maps and public hunting area maps that can be uploaded with a software from your computer. These are very useful to hunters who do not own or know someone with private property to hunt on.This upgraded system also comes with a memory card and personalizable software so you can create your own maps to use year after year.

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