Camping Tips: How to Keep Food Warm

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Camping Tips: How to Keep Food Warm

Nothing beats feeling the open air as you rest outside your tent and enjoying a warm food after hiking all day. The essence of camping is to go trace back our roots and be one with nature and it does not really matter if you are camping in the woods, in a luxurious campsite or in the hills.

One of the nice things about camping is being able to cook in the open regardless if it is through a camping stove or barbecue. However, one of the camping problems is how to preserve the warmth of the food. When camping, you cannot place the food in the microwave and reheat it. When you are outside, you need to eat your food in one sitting or you have to it eat cold. However, there are some techniques on how you can keep your food hot.

One way to keep the food hot is to insulate it with newspaper and cloth. You have to place your pan of hot food on a newspaper or you can cover it with a tea towel. It can keep the food hot for another twenty minutes.

Adding sauce with your food is another wise way to keep it hot. Boiled vegetables can get cold easily. Instead of boiling your veggies, what you can do is to serve them as hot sauce. Apart from giving them more flavor, they can also stay hot longer.

Your cool box is not just a cool box for you can also use it as hot box. To turn your cool box into a hot box, you must fill it with hot air from the boiling water in the kettle and then place your pan inside. Seal the box tightly to prevent the air from escaping. This can help keeping your food hot for hours.

Flasks are also a great way to keep your sauce warm while you cook other ingredients and food. All you have to do is to pour the hot sauce inside the flask and seal it.

Another way to ensure that everybody gets to eat a warm meal is to ascertain that everyone is gathered before serving the food. Through this, everyone can receive his share of hot meal.

It is really a challenge on how you can keep your food hot especially when camping out of the season. If you have barbecue in your menu and it wasn’t consumed totally, you can wrap them in foil and keep them inside your larder. This way it will stay warmer longer. These are the simple ways on how you can keep your food warm while camping.

Source by Kirsten Soh

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